19 Android Apps to Help You Through Your Pregnancy

by admin on November 08, 2010

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it is also often full of questions. One source of information you may not have considered is your Android. There are quite a few Android apps that you’ll love using throughout your pregnancy. You can track your due date, learn what to expect and even get your unusual questions answered with these 19 Android applications geared toward pregnant women.

  1. Baby Bump: This application features Weekly info & embryo size, a journal, a calendar, a kick counter and even a home screen countdown.
  2. Pregnancy Ticker: This app calculates your due date and reminds you of how far along you are and how far you have to go. You’ll also get plenty of tips for each trimester.
  3. Pregnancy Widget: This widget is easy to use and displays your pregnancy information on your home screen.
  4. OB Pregnancy Dates Calculator: Small, fast, simple GUI application for rapidly calculating your due date. Though this app is designed for OB’s it’s great to have it to accurately calculate your due date when you realize you’re pregnant.
  5. Pregnancy: This is a great app that discusses important topics in pregnancy health.
  6. Pregnancy Assistant: Track your baby’s development week by week with this cool app.
  7. Pregnancy and Medication Safety: Type in the medication you’re concerned about and find out about safety recommendations for pregnant women.
  8. Pregnancy Contraction Timer: Keep track of your contractions to help you know when it’s really “the time”.
  9. Positive Pregnancy This is a great relaxation app for pregnancy.
  10. Mom 2 Be Free: This pregnancy app lets moms, dads and other family members easily track mom’s pregnancy. You’ll also receive some great tips for staying healthy and feeling great.
  11. Pregnancy Journal: Track your pregnancy through journal entries and photos.
  12. Pregnancy Calendar: Track your pregnancy, learn what’s going on with your baby’s development throughout the nine months.
  13. Ovulation and Pregnancy Calendar: Start using this app when you start trying to get pregnant. It can calculate your likely date of ovulation to help ensure conception. Then, after you’re pregnant, this same app can track your pregnancy.
  14. Pregnancy Diary: Keep track of info you receive from your OB visits, such as your blood pressure and how you measured.
  15. Notes Pregnancy: Write and save pregnancy notes. You can use this for everything from tracking measurements from the doctor’s office to creating a wish list for your baby shower. Notes can be password protected, too.
  16. Daddy 511 Cupcake: The perfect contraction timer for the soon to be dad. The app will tell you when it’s time to go to the hospital based on the contraction information you’ve entered.
  17. IStork Talk: Get pregnancy supprt and information from this online pregnancy community. Share photos and advice – even find a due date buddy.
  18. Mind and Body for Your Pregnancy: A complete wellness program for your pregnancy. This app is a bit pricey, but gives you all the tools you need in one.
  19. Neonatal Knowledge: Want more information on your pregnancy? This app designed for medical students can give you advanced knowledge about your pregnancy and baby.

Pregnancy is such a wonderful and miraculous time in your life; you’re sure to not want to miss out on any detail. With the applications listed above, your Android can be a great tool for ensuring that you keep up with everything you want and need to know about your pregnancy and your unborn baby’s development.

Be sure to give hubby some of these tools, too. He’s certain to want to keep a pregnancy countdown ticker on his phone, and to want to keep track of baby’s development week by week. You may have other family members who want to keep up with your pregnancy, as well, and these apps make it easy and inexpensive. So, be certain to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest. And, be sure to take advantage of some of these great Android apps to track that pregnancy and to get all your questions answered.

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