25 Best Career Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

by Linda on January 26, 2011

No matter if you’re unemployed, seeking a new career or if you just want to boost the career you now have, the Internet provides ways to seek jobs and career moves without leaving your desk. You also can learn how to brand yourself, how to handle office crisis, how to conduct professional social networking and more without paying a dime. The following 25 best career blogs you may not be reading yet can provide you with all this information, and they all were created during and after January 2009.

The blogs listed below are categorized by year, then listed by the month of creation date.


  1. Job FairCareers Done Write: Find tips for interviewing, networking, job search strategies and how to create a winning resume and cover letter (January).
  2. Resumark: This resume service offers a blog that centers on how resumes, branding and job protocols (January).
  3. Adventures of the Job Search Ninja: This blog by Todd Bavol covers the gamut of interviewing and job search skills, motivation, networking, social networking and more. (February).
  4. Web Marketing Coach: This blog is dedicated to helping you market your business online (February).
  5. George’s Employment Blawg: Find workplace news & views, edited by St. Louis labor and employment lawyer George Lenard (April).
  6. Your Career by Design: The mission of this blog is to help people maximize their professional success through a better understanding and more effective communication of their unique strengths, abilities, passions, and values (April).
  7. The Job Seeker Blog: This blog is the official communications tool for Employrium, one of the many blogs that this business offers to recruiters and job seekers (May).
  8. WorkBloom Blog: WordBloom hopes that this blog empowers you to reach your goals and surpass your highest aspirations in your life and career (May).
  9. Sir LinkedAlot – a Recruiter’s Perspective: Insights on job search, hiring, networking and all things “linked” (May).
  10. CareerGlobal Recruiting Roundtable: This blog is about employer branding, e-HRM, social media, recruitment and selection (August).
  11. Susan Strayer: An expert in talent, brand and careers, Susan works at the intersection of where business meets brand for professionals and organizations (September).
  12. Work: The Orange County Register (Florida) offers a blog that is all about jobs and unemployment during the “Great Recession” (October).
  13. AltaeeBlog: This blog centers on career management, online reputation, building a personal brand and the use of technology and social media tools for job and career (November).
  14. WebWorkerDaily: To be fair, you may already know about this blog, a place where you can research, find and adapt to new worker technology (November).
  15. Achieved Strategies: A blog about leadership, change, networking and visionaries (December).
  16. Just Ask Kim: Kimberly is passionate about helping small businesses succeed in social media (December).
  17. Position Ignition: This blog runs on the premise that having the right support throughout someone’s career is crucial and deserves professional and creative attention (December).


  1. Career Attraction: Just like his firm, Kermes Consulting, Kevin formed Career Attraction on the core premise that every career transition is as specialized as the individual undertaking it (March).
  2. New Careers Blog: A new career-change blog that hones on in how to find and choose new careers. They offer free resources to make a career change easier and less stressful (March).
  3. Career ExpoBusiness Pundit: Drea Knufken, a business woman and author, is senior writer for this blog. She has degrees in Business Management Economics and Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz (April).
  4. The HR Capitali$t: Kris Dunn is the Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix, the RPO firm for growth companies. As an HR Pro, he is most interested in the intersection of the HR practice, technology and business results in today’s organizations (April).
  5. Consultant Launch Pad: This blog focuses on helping people learn to consult while they are in transition or as an alternative to a traditional job. The bloggers expect that everyone can learn a lot from each other, regardless of whether this is your first day or you’ve been consulting for 20 years (May).
  6. WriteRAP: Patrick Kanouse, the Program Manager for CMS’s Structured Authoring team, blogs about WriteRAP, one of the tools they support (June).
  7. Wise Man Say: If you are a recruitment leader, sales manager or managing director of a recruitment business, Wise Man Say is here is help you find the answers to your recruitment questions. This is a UK blog that focuses on social recruitment (July).
  8. Personal Branding Blog: Dan Schawbel, the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding LLC, is a world renowned personal branding expert. He is the international bestselling author of Me 2.0, and the publisher of the Personal Branding Blog (October).

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