The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Ultrasound Technologist – Salary, Career and More

by admin on November 19, 2009

Ultrasound technician is a person who in health care industry defines career for him by employing his learned techniques in ultrasound that is (high frequency sound waves) for diagnostic purposes in medicinal cure by the means of imaging and here we would look at various features of a job in ultra sound.

Nature of the Job: Ultrasound technique is also known as ultra sonography and is known to be as the most popular imaging technique in health care industry. Under the technique, sound waves are used for the purpose of assessment and diagnosis of medical conditions. Mostly, it is related to obstetrics and is used for assessing the condition of fetus in the womb. There are also many other uses of ultrasound too. The technical person who in health care industry performs ultrasonic tests is known as diagnostic songographer or ultrasonographer and he employs special equipments to direct high frequency sound waves as towards the specific part of the human body for the purpose of imaging resulted from the off reflected echoes. These images can be used in physical form of photograph and video tapes.  As the job duties for an ultrasound technician includes explanation of procedures to the patient, tracking and keeping record of imperative medical history of the patient, handling and taking care of the equipments and instruction of patient to receive the best images and keeping patient’s record and maintenance of the equipment. He happens to be an expert in obstetric, gynecologic sonography, neurosonography or ophthalmic sonography. He also keeps record of work schedules, look into equipment purchase or manage diagnostic imaging department.

Training and Educational Qualification: To perform the duties of an ultrasound technician there are certain requirements that are needed immensely like understand and operate ultrasound equipments effectively and should have heavy physical built up to carry and turn around patients. His eyesight should be acute to measure an image in appropriate calculation.  More, he should have excellent communication skills as to mix up with patients to soothe patients while performing various tests.  A person thinking of becoming an ultrasound technician can have training at hospital, vocational technical institution, training from a college or university providing a 2 year or 4 year program for learning ultraosound technique. However, these courses should have accreditation from Allied Education Programs. There is not any provision of license for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers however there are certain bodies like America Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARD MS) certify a course passed out by ultrasound technician and therefore takes a general examination as well as specialty examination. And with the aging population on the rise there would be need of the more ultrasound technicians in America.

Salaries: The Salaries for ultrasound technician range from somewhere around $66, 680 per annum in the USA.

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