Ultra Sound Technologist Average Salary

Whenever we talk about salary it is important to take into account the factors that influence the salaries of that specific career, some of these factors include employer size, where we take into account the number of staff employed doing the same job, the credentials that one has, whether it is a college certificate, an advanced diploma or even an doctorate. Other factors considered include years of experience one has in the specific field, the geographic location and the current trend in the industry. An average salary should be representative of all employees despite their location and stature and be reached at using the current market pricing method.

Generally an ultra sound technologist salary varies according to the institutions they are working in and even the country they are working in. An ultra sound technologist salary may range from fifty seven thousand three hundred and forty seven dollars to a high of about sixty eight thousand one hundred and ninety seven dollars per year. Therefore we can say that the average expected of an ultra sound technologist is about sixty two thousand four hundred and twenty five dollars per month.
Together with salary they also enjoy bonuses and benefits. The benefits also vary from country to country and state to state. The benefit they enjoy include disability benefits of about six hundred and thirty dollars, health care program of about five thousand and seven hundred and twenty two dollars, a pension fund worth two thousand nine hundred and two dollars, a social security fund of about four thousand eight hundred and twenty six dollars, sometime time off worth eight thousand two hundred and fifty dollars and lastly a 401k/403b worth two thousand two hundred and seventy one dollars.

When all this bonuses and benefits are added to an average monthly salary of about sixty three thousand and eighteen dollars they total to a sum eighty seven thousand, six hundred and eighty nine dollars for a month. That is a sizable amount of salary by all standards for an ultra sound technologist considering the global economic hard times, making a popular career choice.